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  The count down is on to the start of another season ! Spring officially starts March 20th and the big questions is when will the grass peek thru  ?  I am anxious to see vibrant spring colours and the great outdoors come to life again.


   This season there will be some changes... with that being said I've decided to add another Walker lawn mower to the fleet, making two full lawn care crews.  This will help keep ahead of rapid growing lawns and weather set backs that we've faced the last few seasons.  The landscaping crew will continue to focus on flower bed clean ups, edging, mulching, maintenance and installations thru the season.  I hope to have some familiar faces return to work with us again but every year brings change. I've received some great resumes and look forward to confirming the crews in the weeks to come. Bulk mulch & topsoil will be available for pick up or delivery and we will be expanding into selling some shrubs, perennials and butterfly kits as well as the popular fall mums & porch packages we offered the last two years.  


We are honoured to have our home featured on the West Perth Garden tour Sunday June 28th ! We've added a large firepit and made some changes. I cant take credit for all of the gardens since we've just moved here last spring but I hope you pop by and walk thru - tickets can be purchased closer to the date at various locations in Mitchell.


In closing, feel free to email any questions or request you may have to  tlcmm@hotmail.ca  or visit us on facebook. I look forward to working with you, helping make your property beautiful.


Take care & we will see you in the spring ! ~ Michelle



A little about Twins Lawn Care Service


   Twins Lawn Care Service was a vision I had while sitting in grade 9 math class with the late Mr Pelss. I would watch the custodians cut the lawn, so deperately wanting to be out there with them..... not in math class !


With the support of my parents Twins Lawn Care Service became a reality. I hired my twin sister Morgan & I rented my parents blue GMC truck, trailer and their lawn mower and off we went from job to job.  I had no idea that the summer of 1992 would have me living my dream today. Having satisfied customers and taking pride in each job we completed the business has grown rapidly  - three trucks & trailers on the road and employees have been hired. I am happy to say it has been a huge success ! 




Our scope of services is very broad including spring & fall property clean up, lawn sweeping, aerating, fertilizing, lawn rolling, flower bed edging, mulching & maintenance, sod, lawn repairs and lawn cutting. We do flower bed installations, have bulk topsoil & mulch is available for the DIY's out there too ! We have fall mums & fall porch packages as well as butterfly kits, to raise & release monarchs.  In the off season we provide snow removal services to several commercial properties through out Huron & Perth County.





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