We are back to work ~  We have started cutting lawns & are busy edgine & mulching flower beds. Feel free to email us at tlcmm@hotmail.ca or call (519)345-0912 if you need some help with your lawn & gardens this season.


We have bulk mulch & topsoil for delivery & pick up on Bridge Road.  I am excited to say that I am currently working on a few projects that will be announced soon.




Our scope of services is very broad including spring & fall clean up, lawn sweeping, flower bed edging, mulching & seasonal maintenance, sod, lawn repairs and lawn cutting.



We will have a variety of mulch again this year available for pick up or delivery


CEDAR / BLACK PINE & SHREDDED PINE  - $ 60.00 per yard

TLC special bled compost -  $ 55 per yard

( delivery extra )


We hope to have topsoil on site mid spring as well.  

A little about Twins Lawn Care Service


   Twins Lawn Care Service was a vision I had while sitting in grade 9 math class with the late Mr Pelss. I would watch the custodians cut the lawn, so deperately wanting to  be out there with them.....


With the support of my parents Twins Lawn Care Service became a reality. I hired my twin sister Morgan & I rented my parents blue GMC truck, trailer and their lawn mower and off we went from job to job.  I had no idea that the summer of 1992 would have me living my dream today. Having satisfied customers and taking pride in each job we completed the business has grown rapidly and employees have been hired. I am happy to say it has been a huge success !